Dear John,

Your efforts and research to help humanity realise the danger the world faces if we continue to develop nuclear weapons is very much appreciated by me. I wonder whether it would be possible for you to dedicate a little time and analyse the dangerous situation we’re in, from a different perspective.

After 80 years on this planet, my mother having lost 1/2 of her family in World War I, my father having lost 3/4 of his family in World War II, and myself countless friends and family members in more localised wars, revolutions, insurgencies and terrorist acts in many corners of the world, from the moment I was born until now, I am a firm believer in the impossibility to stop research, production and the use of nuclear weapons, as long as humanity believes that Armed Forces and their arsenals (nuclear weapons included) are a deterrent of conflict.

To me, the end to nuclear bombs will happen like magic at the moment we abolish, forever, the Armed Forces. This would mean, intrinsically, the end of military research, manufacture and trade, the end of mercenary armies, warlords, enemy countries,  terrorism, etc. Then politicians will no longer need to lie to us all the time, proclaiming peace whilst promoting war, as several diplomats from Israel, Palestine, Sudan , Pakistan and UK, put it to me.

I also firmly believe a non-militarised world will allow politicians to put an end to the early death of over 3 million people every year, from malnutrition to lack of medical care. National economies will improve overnight without the current obscene sums spent on Armed Forces, military bases and military campaigns. It is possible.

HUFUD President