HUFUD ‘Peace is Possible’ Conference 17 June 2019


Photos taken by Yvonne Cheng and Bobby Chen

HUFUD Peace Conference & March 2018


Photos taken by Enrique Zattara

HUFUD International Peace Congress 2018

Photos taken by Yvonne Cheng

HUFUD Peace Study Day September 2017

Photos taken by Yvonne Cheng

 Alberto Portugheis, presidente de HUFUD, hablando en Downing Street durante nuestra Marcha por la Paz. Nos acompañaron otros activistas que se manifestaron contra las masacres del Rohingya en Myanmar.
Alberto Portugheis, HUFUD President, speaking at Downing Street during our Peace March. We were joined by other activists demonstrating against the Rohingya’s massacres in Myanmar.