To put an end to the unnatural and unnecessary death of millions, forever.
To put an end to the unnatural and unnecessary suffering of millions of people of all ages forced to live without their belover, forever.
To put an end to the unnatural and unnecessary poverty, hunger, homelessness and illiteracy, forever.

To achieve the above I propose 1. A total change to our educational system, universally. History should be taught NOT for students to learn a series of events, but to explain WHY the country is what it is today, economically and culturally – how the main religion and language of their country came about. We must cease to teach children to admire and worship people who killed many and to call them heroes. We should change all national anthems designed to brainwash its citizens into believing that their country is superior to all other countries and they should be prepared to die for her. Memorial monuments or films dedicated to specific genocides should be replaced by explaining why such mass murders happened, who allowed them to happen, who benefited from them.

By law, all schools in the world must teach respect for ALL religions and for ALL humans on earth, regardless of ethnic origin, nationality, skin colour, etc.

2. A total change in our economic and financial system, universally. Instead of propagating the belief that the military industry is good for a country, we have to teach the truth:  Militarism destroys economies. Most countries must borrow funds in order to finance their armed forces, let alone their military campaigns. This indebts them for a very many years or forever.  Due to Militarism, countries go Bankrupt.

Economists, Engineers and Strategists of countries with military production must produce a detailed plan of action to transform their Economy of War into an Economy of Peace without creating mass unemployment. All machinery now used to produce weapons, explosives, tanks,  missiles, etc., to be adapted or re-designed to produce medical, industrial, domestic, educational, communication or travelling machinery, to enhance and prolong human life, NOT to damage or destroy it.