Dear HUFUD members and all Peace seekers,

United Nations’s boss, Antonio Guterres, speaking on behalf of his warmongering international organisation demanded a ’30-day ceasefire’ in Syria.

This is a blatant and clear excuse to give the world the impression that the UN and its ‘IN’Security Council are interested in Peace. In reality they need 30 days to re-organize military stocks, arsenals, to test new weapons, etc.

There is no way the world could move into a situation of Peace, calm, and prosperity when obsce or non-official wars and violence in society perpetuates, such as the recent Florida Massacre, whilst the masses don’t obscee end to weapon research, manufacturing and trading.

The masses must understand that politicians are not stupid. Why would they promote the manufacturing of killing toys if they never planed to use them? We must help politicians to have a clear conscience—that is not to be forced as they are now to lie to us all the time—claiming they’re working for Peace while organising wars behind our backs.

Alberto, HUFUD President
February 2018