Dear Stop the War Coalition,

Will you one day understand? Contrary to your statement ‘British support for the Saudi led war in Yemen’, I can assure you the British do not support such war. In fact, Britain does not support any war. The British only support Britain. That is, we have manufacturers of weapons, explosives, missiles, military vehicles, etc., and need to make sure those products are sold, so that thousands of British workers don’t lose their jobs. They all have families to feed.

If you are truly concerned about the lives of thousands, millions of innocent victims of the military Industry, demand the Universal Abolition of Militarism.

By the way, why do you concentrate on Yemen? British killing toys cause millions of dead and of bereaved families in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Uganda, Somalia, Congo, Niger, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, Palestine, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and more. As well as the countries were British weapons are directly used by British military personnel.

You know very well Armed Forces are not a deterrent. Why do you allow the world to believe such big lie?

Alberto Portugheis
HUFUD President