As it usually happens, politicians – in this case those dedicated to our security (or rather, insecurity) in the UK have now come up with an idea that promises more violence in our streets and more violence on an international scale: the Head of SIS (Secret Intelligence Service), Sir Alex Younger, wants to recruit more young spies. Loyal to country and Queen young men and women will be combating threats from hostile countries, terror groups and crime gangs.

It is obvious Mr Younger likes to fight, enjoys trouble, all paid for by Her Majesty’s Government.

When will we have a security expert who creates a better world for us? Our agents don’t need to ‘combat’ anybody but should use their skills to work towards seeing that no country in the world is hostile to the UK as well as to other countries.

Our agents should ensure people in all countries are happy with their lives instead of manifesting their feelings through ‘terror’ like crime gangs. In other words, we need young people to work towards the end of hostilities (something impossible to achieve in a militarised economy).

This can be achieved by following the HUFUD Philosophy.

Alberto Portugheis
HUFUD President