Despair is the only word that approximately describes my feelings when I read so much ingenuity and so much hypocrisy, as I did in the London newspaper Evening Standard, 12 November, courtesy of a reader, Gavin Robinson and the newspaper’s Editor and former politician, George Osborne.

Mr Robinson suggests that Trump is in power and that we have the Brexit situation and the war in Syria because George Bush and Tony Blair invaded Iraq in 2003. Mr Robinson doesn’t realize that Trump is in the White House because that’s what he wanted to do and nothing would have stopped him. Even if Blair, Bush Iraq had never existed, Trump would be the US President.

Mr Robinson imagines that the destabilisation of the Middle East and the resulting migrants population could have been prevented, totally oblivious to the fact this was ‘precisely’ one of the aims of the invasion and destruction of Iraq, with 9/11 being the appetizer to the big banquet for the above mentioned politicians and their supporters: military manufacturers, Banks, oil barons, Media moguls, Security and Construction companies and the UN High Commission for Refugees. The latter makes lots of money out of displaced populations.

I also mention in passing other beneficiaries of this human tragedy: manufacturers of military uniforms, flower growers and merchants, religious corporations, funeral concerns, etc.

As for George Osborne, he represents and symbolizes the perfect blend of two occupations that work to a specific Agenda: Politics and the Media. About the wars and revolutions in Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya Mr Osborne says “people welcomed them and called them the Arab Spring”. Nothing more inaccurate! “Arab Spring” was not the name given to these massacres that caused hundreds of thousands of dead and the perpetual suffering of an even greater number of bereaved families. The theatrical title was coined by our murderous politicians and their conspiring partners in the Media.

The real name of what happened, which all those who benefited from the human catastrophe wish to conceal, is “The Military Industry Spring”.

Alberto Portugheis, HUFUD President