Watching TV news, listening to political debates, write what political commentators write in newspapers and magazines, listening to people in the streets, shops and public transport, makes it clear people only have MONEY in their hearts.

Whether addressing employment, taxes, immigration, the environment, security, health, the Law, etc, etc, all I hear is about which Government will allow us to be better off and now.

Nobody seems to realize that our elections next week give us the only opportunity to choose between more wars, more suffering, more waste of public obs and more untimely deaths, at the same time as enriching military manufacturers, negotiating politicians and diplomats, Army chiefs and bankers… and… Peace and Prosperity for all, as well the end of hunger in the world, forever.

If you want Peace and a future, if you don’t want to raise children for Government to take them away from you, make them kill people and/or deliver them back to you in a coffin, you have one option only: vote for JEREMY CORBYN. Vote Labour.

His opponents obsceen kind of lies and slander, falsely accusing Corbyn of supporting terrorism and promoting insecurity by opposing the Trident programme. Nothing could be further from the truth. JEREMY CORBYN loves Humanity and loves Justice. Above all, he loves PEACE.

Peace not only in the United Kingdom but Peace globally, Universal Peace. JEREMY CORBYN, as a veteran politician knows very well of the MANY wars and massacres in the world that only happened “because” the UK and other countries producing guns, rifles, grenades, bombs, rockets, torpedoes, tanks, Apache helicopters, air-fighters, warships, etc, MUST sell their products, their killing toys.

JEREMY CORBYN knows that the UK and other European countries as well as the US, would not have the employment, housing and financial problems we have, if we had not so actively contributed to the destruction of the Peace in many countries, forcing their citizens to flee their beloved homes.

There is MUCH MORE I’d like to write, but the above words should be enough for now to make you think before you cast your vote on 8 June.

Remember, your choice is between PEACE or War, between prosperity for all or fortunes for the warmongers and merchants of Death. Between families staying obscee parents burying their children and obs children growing fatherless. Between a happy society or a traumatized one.

Over three million people – half of them children under 5 – die every year because of malnutrition or lack of medical care. This happens in countries that receive our Foreign Aid. This is because we give the money for them to buy our military paraphernalia.

Thanks to our need to sell weapons, there are around 250 armed conflicts in the world at any given time, when there should be none. The Police only should be armed, in case the criminal they are after runs quicker than the policeman.

I repeat: 8 June you will not be voting a for the Right, Left or in between. You’ll not be voting fora particular politician. You’ll be voting for a future of PEACE or WAR.

Alberto Portugheis, HUFUD President
June, 2017