Dear Curt Clough, Shaikh Mohommad,

Thank you for your thoughts. Since you ask for ‘answers’ from your readers, may I present mine? To begin with, I think that these words “Three soldiers of Pakistan Army embraced martyrdom”, are inaccurate, as it would be for all the dead soldiers in history. Soldiers and civilians die because this is what militarism exists for. Military manufacturers and politicians make money out of selling killing toys, from tiny bullets to gigantic warships. People killing and being killed is the only thing keeping the military industry going, including the Pakistani military industry.

There is no option for politicians and diplomats. They must organise murder. The only alternative is the Universal Abolition of Militarism.

You write “It is time that political parties unite and demand a solution to this terrorist’s attacks. World War I, World War II, War in Vietnam AND IRA attacks in UK came to an end. Shouldn’t the war on terror in Pakistan come to an end? Why is Imran Khan and other Political parties silent?”

My answer is: please study and analyse History. You talk about the “end” of World War I and II, but in reality they never stopped. They simply moved to other parts of the planet. The unused munitions, bombs, rockets, torpedoes, etc., had to be sold and used, to make room for the new generation of killing toys the industry was developing in preparation for the 2nd round of International War Games, 21 years later.

For instance the Zaian war, between France and Morocco, started with the onset of World War I, in 1914, but went on until 1921, 3 years after the end of the big war. The US before joining the European Death Olympics, started a game of war with the Dominican Republic, that lasted until 1924.

At the end of World War I, the Russians continue to play ‘local’ war games, know officially as Civil Wars. They stopped in 1934 – the BIG conflict taking place from 1917 to 1922. After the war, plenty of revolutions and uprisings were hastily organised, to continue using the old stock. The conflict in Carinthia, between Austria and Slovenia, in Germany, Poland, Hungary versus Romania, Poland versus Lithuania, Armenia, Turkey, Franco-Syrian War, Turkish-Armenian, etc. Plenty of wars, small and big, like Japan-China, Spanish Civil War and many more, right up to World War II.

No sooner the War Olympics ended, world powers organised a “spot” in the Middle East to guarantee wars – securing the continuous success of the Arms Trade for a very long time. They created the Jewish State of Israel, surrounded by many countries that had to play the role of enemies, so that wars could be easily organised. After their success in ensuring eternal conflicts in the Middle East, the powers turned their attention to Korea and organised the violent division of the country. This letter would turn into a book if I started telling you of the hundreds of armed conflicts in Africa and Latin America.

The War on Terrorism could never stop because we create terrorists in order to fight them. This is why we arm them. This is how Governments can justify the obscene Military expenditure, the immorality, and the bestiality of war.

I hope you will understand that you are demanding the impossible when you suggest that political parties should “unite” and find a solution when it is the political parties who have created the problem. Political parties and individual politicians are sponsored by military manufacturers. By creating peace in the world, they will be betraying their best friends.

As I said earlier, I’ll say it once more, there is only ONE alternative: a world without weapons

Alberto Portugheis
HUFUD President