Our Home Secretary, Priti Patel, wants the police to cut down crime. More money poured into the police coffer is, as she well knows, NOT the answer. In my 53 years in the UK, I have seen both Labour and Conservative Governments give more and more funds and arms to the Police. The outcome is increased violence.

Why is this? The answer is simple – good manners must be taught by example. With government spending ‘borrowed’ fortunes inviting young men and women to join the armed forces, training them to kill and later sending them on killing missions abroad, our youth is being taught that problems, differences of opinion, rivalries, etc. can and should be solved by force.

Since bringing up children on good manners, Music, Literature, Philosophy, love and respect of all human beings and reverence for life, could never produce Armed Forces, Governments teach the young everything about fighting, killing and succeeding in life using violence. By allowing films of violence to infiltrate the minds of the young, military themed toys, models and games to be sold to children.

Government will allow films of utter violence to be shown to children of all ages, while films showing a couple loving each other are censored.

To cut this long message short, I’d tell Priti Patel to cut police spending and to stop nurturing young people to be violent. Instead of the millions of £s spent on military research, our Government should be spending on schools, hospitals, universities, parks and medical research. Your example, the British example, will be then emulated by the rest of Europe and rest of the world.

Alberto Portugheis
HUFUD President


Shaun Bailey is another politician with the same crazy, absurd ideas. He wants to decrease crime in London streets by putting 40,000 policemen on the beat! All he’ll be doing is telling murderers to lure their victims inside buildings or out of London.

Violence in our society will not decrease, let alone go, whilst politicians keep creating a violent society. In fact, without a violent society, politicians would need to go themselves to fight in foreign lands as no sane person would be attracted by arms, tanks, air-fighters, torturing prisoners, killing people they don’t know, and most of the time, killing without knowing ‘why’ they are killing.

Mr Bailey will get my vote if he promises to censor violent films in cinemas and on TV from children and prohibiting the sale of military toys and games designed to create violent young men or women.

The money Mr. Bailey will save could be used to save hospitals from closing down, for education, for protection of the environment – not its destruction with nuclear and other chemical explosions. Education should include respect for human life, love for your neighbours. It can be done. All Mr. Bailey needs is a sincere desire to promote Peace in the world. He should start at home.