On Monday 17 February 2020, Mr Shuja-ur-Rahman Khan from Pakistan sent a letter to the United Nations addressed to the UN Secretary General, Mr Antonio Gutteres. Here is my comment:

Dear Shuja,

How right you are when you say “As a Chief of the UNO, the world expects you to make all that will encourage equal treatment to all the inhabitants on our planet Earth, extending Rights promised in the UNO Charter”.

This is TRUE. However, you forget the UN General Secretary has other obligations and duties ABOVE the ones you mentioned. Mr Antonio Guterres knows the inner workings of the UNO very well having provided plenty of lucrative businesses for the UN as Commissioner of the UN Refugee Agency. During his 10 years at the helm of the agency, he multiplied three-fold the number of refugees and created the tragic refugee situation in the world today. Like arms trade, the war refugees are also BIG business for the UNO. The UN building is in fact the place where diplomats, politicians, military chiefs, meet, to network and to negotiate arms deals and concocting conflicts.

In short, if YOU were the UN Secretary General, you would also be creating wars in all sizes and shapes – promoting INEQUALITY, HUNGER, HOMELESSNESS AND ILLITERACY. You would be committing the same sins that you disapprove.

If you are serious about creating a better world, campaign for a MILITARY FREE planet. Only then, will the UN be able to create the world we all dream of.

Alberto Portugheis
HUFUD President