In your appeal on 6 April 2021, you wrote: ‘The world spent $1.92 trillion on the military in 2019, a 3.6% increase over the previous year and the highest figure since the end of the Cold War. Our governments’ ever-growing military capacities…’

The alluded spending will continue to increase, as soon as the pandemic is under control, courtesy of GCOMS.

You seem to act like children who believe in fairy tales. You repeat politicians’ lies if you believe them to be truths. You say ‘in the name of national security’, as if you did not know that the spending is for creating insecurity in the world – for making wars, killing people, destroying families, buildings, societies and national economies. It seems to me you are not interested in politicians lying to us, or in human life. Your only concern is money. Wrong values.

Even if there was zero military spending, even if all military items, from tiny bullets to gigantic warships were free, you know that machine guns, bullets, grenades, landmines, bombs, rockets, and torpedoes cannot ‘defend’ anything. They only exist to kill and to destroy. Scud missiles can also do nothing else but to destroy.

Politicians have no option but to lie to us. There is no way they can keep the military industry – even a reduced industry – without organising wars. This is easily done via secret agencies, the conspiring media, and diplomacy. Embassies have Military, Trade and Press Attachés for that purpose.

GCOMS will not achieve success, until the day you demand the universal abolition of Militarism. Before that happens, we have to keep promoting African and Latin American dictators, pay them well, for them to keep on buying weapons and organising wars. We also have to use the UN as a meeting place for Pakistani and Indian diplomats to negotiate the violence over Kashmir. and Israeli and Palestinian leaders to agree on how to continue the arguments and violence between the countries they represent.

China, Russia, USA, UK and France must fulfil their duty, as permanent members of the UN Insecurity Council. 75 years ago they’ve agreed to divide the world in two major blocks – Left and Right, or Capitalism and Communism. Hot or Cold war makes no difference. Russia and China agreed to play the game as ‘enemy’ against America and the UK has to keep up with the ‘game’. To this effect, they have also worked very hard to subdivide each bloc.

A game that produces respectable amounts of cash for politicians’ pockets. Politicians, diplomats, and all military negotiators benefit from the death and devastation wars cause.

I repeat: Only the universal abolition of Militarism, can stop the obscene sums of money that could be used, like what Costa Rica did when they abolished their Armed Forces 73 years ago to pay off all internal and external debts and to transform all military installations into apartment blocs, schools, universities, hospitals, libraries, cinemas, adapting training fields into sports centres for family outings, etc.

Think about what I wrote if you really do not wish to waste your time and your supporters’ money and if you want your grandchildren to have a planet on which to live.

Alberto Portugheis
HUFUD President