During an online forum debate, I read this truth: ‘High rank army officials and politicians are not Islam crazy, they are shrewd. They use it as a tool to fuel the issue of Kashmir and Toheen Rissalut. Through this they fool public, foreign media and blackmail opponents.’

But may I add two details? They come from my own observations – mainly of the political, diplomatic and commercial activities at the UN.

1. There are no real ‘opponents’, except in the sporting sense, like one football team playing a game against another.Of course, football teams are sometimes blackmailed to allow the ‘opponent team’ to win the game. In political conflicts, most blackmailing is done by traders (sellers and buyers) of fighting equipment, from miniature bullets to gigantic warships. This is a normal – and necessary – practice, due to the high level of competition.

2. There is no need to ‘fool the Media’, for the Media are politicians’ partners. This is why at important Government receptions, galas, media moguls are always invited, always present.Together, politicians, via the Media, fool the public, the world.

Now, I don’t blame either politicians or the media. I blame, ignorant, stupid and passive societies or humanity. The ‘corrupt’ situation described above is due to the fact that societies, by passively accepting Armed Forces (ignorantly thinking these are for their security and defense), coerce their Governments to lie to them. Wars are illegal, invading countries is illegal, promoting hatred, tension and division between societies is immoral. The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights says all human beings have the right to life, a home, an education, health care, work and peace.

Military conflicts create the opposite – death, unemployment, homelessness, illiteracy and ill-health.

Such Immorality and Illegality can only be covered by the Media’s lies on behalf of those “high rank officials and politicians”.

To expect something different would be as illogical and absurd as expecting Governments to promote the manufacture and trade of cars but prohibit car driving.

President, HUFUD