In the article the Evening Standard published on HUFUD’s Peace Day Study and March, the words of Sally Copley, Oxfam GB’s head of campaigns were quoted. Ms Copley said, in reference to the human tragedy in Yemen “The deaths, the destruction and the misery seem to count for nothing”. Ms Copley forgets the tragedy she describes is necessary to keep millions of people in employment. Bullets, guns, grenades, bombs, rockets, mortars, torpedoes, tanks, air-fighters, etc, etc, are made to be used.

No matter how much employees and bosses in the Death Industry would like to see a world at Peace, they have no option than to rejoice when people are killed thanks to their products. This means ‘new orders in the pipeline’ and ‘I’ll not lose my job’.

The only solution to the Yemenite tragedy—as to all similar situations in the world – is: create for the same people millions of obs for the enhancement and prolongation of human life and abolish forever the Death Toys industry.

Only the Police should be entitled obsce, for Security in society.We must helpGovernments swap the current Economy of War for the Economy of Peace.
Alberto Portugheis, HUFUD President
September 2017