Dear friends at Stop the War Coalition,

Re: your request to the British Government for a Global Ceasefire

It seems that at Stop the War you believe in miracles. Unless you demand from Government a shut down of all military factories and impose a total ban on the export of existing and ‘available for sale’ machine guns, bullets, bombs, rockets, rocket launchers and interceptors, mortars, tanks, torpedoes, Apache helicopters, air-fighters, warships, asking for a ceasefire is asking for the impossible. How could the Government implement a global ceasefire at the same time as promoting military sales?

I urge you all to read Keenie Meenie, by Guardian investigative journalist Phil Miller, the most objective and informative book on how several mercenary armies and private weapon companies are actually agents of Government. To quote Jonathan Miller, Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Channel 4 News “….a twilight world, where the pioneers of a rapacious industry blaze a trail of death and destruction with a nod and a wink from Whitehall”.

Please read also the books from real ‘insiders’, South Africans Andrew Feinstein and Paul Holden, from Corruption Watch UK.

The Swiss are also not immune to the practice of protecting and prioritising ‘business’ over war and death. The entire 3rd floor of the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva is rented out to the Cameroon Government, where dictator Paul Biya resides, with his personal retinue, servants and some Ministers. They buy Swiss weapons and Rolex watches and everybody is happy, whilst back in Cameroon people starve and are given weapons to continue the violence and killing.

It is totally impossible to improve the situation in the world whilst accepting militarism. Please understand that weapons not only kill and maim; weapons corrupt. Corruption we shall never eradicate, but corruption in other commercial fields, agriculture, farming, industries (cars, domestic appliance, trains, locomotives, etc.) and all kind of businesses (furniture, publishing, construction, etc.) are not designed for killing.

The military industry can only survive by corrupting politicians. Politicians then have no option – they have to organise wars whether they like them or not. And then, they have to corrupt themselves again, by lying to us, trying to convince us they work for Peace.

The only solution possible to this mess is the total abolition of militarism. No war is justified on human grounds. Humanity is one family. Armed forces make it totally impossible for us to live as a family. The planet is one and we all have the right to enjoy it, not just the elite which represents 1% of humanity.

Please join me in making militarism, armed forces and the military industry plagues of the past.

Love you all,

Alberto Portugheis
HUFUD President