You say: “The United States has serious economic and national security interests in Hong Kong that are at serious risk”.

Apart from Full Spectrum Dominance, as declared by Dwight Eisenhower, the US has a penchant for distracting the population from internal problems by offering them wars in far away lands.

Until 2-3 years ago, at the instigation of the US, China (until then without any military bases outside its own territory; whilst the US has about a thousand bases, half of them with nuclear capabilities) installed a military base in Djibouti. And, due to US pressure for them to play the role of ‘enemy’, the Chinese have been considering a base in Pakistan, especially now that the American bases had to go, after the attack of the American military aircraft that left 24 Pakistani dead.

The funny thing about the Chinese base in Djoubuti is that nearby, all in the same country, you’ll find the US, French and Japanese military bases! All of them meet, eat and drink together, in good harmony, as politicians and diplomats work out and negotiate plans Games of War, to help keep the military industry alive. I cannot imagine a more absurd situation. And it makes my blood boil to see millions of people taking on politicians’ lies and brainwashing, all in favour of the immoral activity: organising wars for money, power, fame.

The military in Djoubuti remind me of the Indian and Pakistani military students at the British military Academy. All great friends. At the end of the course they exchanged email addresses and phone numbers, shook hands and embraced, whilst saying see you next in Kashmir when our respective Governments send us there to “play War”.

ABSURD HUMANITY, who allows politicians to destroy life and our planet,