Published on Transcend Media Service on 27 July, 2020
By Alberto Portugheis

In the course of the paper, it transpired to me that, despite their acknowledged disappointment with the United Nations, they still believe UNO is a Peace organisation. This has never been my case and I’ll tell you why. I went to live in Geneva in 1960 and stayed there until I moved to London in 1967. I spent those 7 years in close contact with many UNO workers, politicians, diplomats, their secretaries, translators and interpreters.

From all conversations I heard in those years and the armed conflicts in many countries that happened during those Geneva years, I came to the conclusion that UNO is a Club of Nations, where individuals from weapon selling countries meet in private with individuals from weapon buying countries and they do “business”.

I met people who improved their standard of living thanks to the Basque conflict, the South Tyrol Insurgency, the Northern Ireland IRA re-emergence, and preparations for the 1967 Greek coup d’état.  I also witnessed how civil conflicts in Angola, Chad, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, and the list is very long, were concocted. I witnessed some of the war business of the Vietnam War (I say “some”, because much of this immoral affair was carried out at the New York UNO) and of the 3-year conflict between Indonesia and Malaysia.

I was always amazed – and amused – whenever a General Assembly took place and in front of journalists, all UN Ambassadors played “saviour of my country” and the Secretary General played “saviour of the world”.

Of course, I was not surprised UNO was such an aggressive institution the moment I learnt that it was born in the US (San Francisco), barely three months after the US had happily succeeded in killing nearly a quarter of a million innocent people in Japan.

I was even less surprised at UNO’s aggressiveness when I learnt that USA was a permanent member of the Security Council. This led me to create “variations” on UNO related names:

  • UNO: United Necrology Nations
  • Security Forces: Insecurity Forces
  • High Commission for Human Rights: High Commissions for the Abuse of Human Rights
  • High Commission for Refugees: High Commission for the creation of Refugees

UNESCO as a Scientific and Cultural Organisation is responsible for much of the modern killing toys the world has at its disposal, much of the illiteracy and decline in teaching standards in the world.

To cut a long story short, my opinion is that, whilst we continue to live in a militarised world, talk of Peace through Global Ethics will remain just that, “talk”. There hardly is anything less ethic than killing people, yet the world accepts the existence of armies, which are specially trained for the unethical torturing and/or killing of people they’ve never met. Humanity has been taught to call military personnel “heroes” for their unethical killings.

In a militarised world, Global Ethics becomes Global Immorality.

In his paper, Charles P Webel mentions articles 28 and 29 from the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Both articles clearly show why UN is not what they claim. By giving the opportunity to member countries to organise and patronise wars, both inside and between countries, the UN ensure “everyone is NOT entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realised.”. Among the “rights set forth” we have the

  1. right to life
  2. right to a home
  3. right to education,
  4. right to choose your Religion
  5. right to live in the country of your choice
  6. right to freedom, etc.

By approving of Armed Forces and Arms Trade, UNO produces millions of dead people, from bullets and bombs as well as from hunger and lack of medical care. They produce millions of illiterates from lack of schools and teachers. All this because UNO accepts countries spend most of their budget in Armed Forces. In fact, the UN building is there to give to ambassadors to meet in private and “negotiate”. This is how Foreign “AID” results in “assistance to buy weapons, explosives, missiles, military vehicles, military uniforms, etc., instead.

UNO is NOT what they show to the world in their well publicised General Assemblies. It is a DEN of military, oil, gold, diamond, drug, human negotiators. Article 29 says “Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible”. Wonderful words, but UNO accepts that millions, against their will or choice, are taught by their government how to kill and then sent on killing rampages and also to die.

The million and a half children who die from malnutrition or lack of medical attention, what chances of FULL DEVELOPMENT were they given? The millions who die young from bullets, bombs, grenades, landmines, rockets, etc., what chances were they given by UNO to achieve “full development of their personality”?

What about the right to live in PEACE? And choose in which country to live? I don’t have the latest figures but by the end of 2018 we reached 70.8 million people around the world have been forced from home by conflict and persecution, ALL of them organised by UNO country members. Among them were nearly 30 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of 18.

The UN Declaration of Human Rights always say “EVERYONE SHALL…” they expect the “citizen” to be in charge of “securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society.”, whilst UNO secure “the abuse of our rights and freedoms”. UNO member countries “meet the just requirements of IMMORALITY, by creating public disorder, warfare and undemocratic societies. Most African and Latin American dictators are picked and aided to power by UNO’s powerful member countries. All documented for anybody who is interested in TRUTH.