UNO (United Nations Organization) and DWF (Democratic World Federalists)

A letter written by a citizen of Kashmir addressed to the United Nations Secretary General, urging him to ensure an end to the Kashmir conflict, prompted me to write this piece. The writer states the end of the conflict is necessary “if war was to be avoided, not only between India and Pakistan, but a war that would extend to various countries”.

I am saddened and worried when I see how, after 75 years, so many people, including those in Peace and Human Rights Organisations, still believe that UN’s mission is to create peace.

If that was the case, the first UN Secretary General would have ordered the universal abolition of militarism – no more construction of war planes, war ships, bombs, rockets, torpedoes. No more Armed Forces.

We have to question why no Secretary General has ever demanded the abolition of militarism. The answer simply lies in the job title. The ‘Secretary General’ is not the UN President, with the authority to make universal decisions and impose orders on the world. The ‘Secretary’; as such, has to follow and obey the orders given by his bosses: the countries that engage him and pay his salary.

I shall illustrate what I mean with the example at hand – Kashmir. It is a disputed territory because this is what the United Nations had decided, same as the conflict they initiated in the Middle East with the creation of Israel. The Vietnam War, the division of Korea, the Cambodia, Biafra and Rwanda genocides and the civil wars everywhere, were all first discussed and agreed within the United Nations. In order to facilitate the work of the Secretary General, his main bosses formed a War Think Tank called the Security Council. These five nations – USA, UK, France, Russia and China – agreed to divide the world into two main blocks, then to subdivide them. To ensure the subdivision works, they invite member countries to join ‘the main team’. The membership is one or two years, depending on how “collaborative” the guest country is.

I could expand much more, but I think I have said enough for those curious to understand why Peace and Security never come. The UN try as hard as they can to increase the number of disputed territories in the world. Contrary to what most people believe, the UN are doing everything in their power to give us World War III. This is why the UN Security Council has chosen the 5 nuclear powers I mentioned above as permanent members.

We must remember that the first important Nuclear Research Centre was built by the United Nations. They chose Geneva, Switzerland, the location of the UN European Headquarters, to monitor nuclear progress. The Centre itself does not produce nuclear weapons but imparts its knowledge to all countries that wish to prepare for nuclear war.

The UN is determined to last for as long as the planet lasts. This can only be achieved by human, religious, nationalistic and military conflicts, that is war.

This brings me to the Democratic World Federalists, a movement in America based on the words ‘United Nations’. They propose a one world or universal government, claiming a federal system of world government will end all wars, war crimes against humanity and will bring about a “liveable healthful global environment”.

Theoretically it sounds an excellent idea, but, it looks as if DWF have not stopped to think about abolishing militarism for good, nor asked themselves “in a peaceful world why do we need weapons, explosives, missiles and military vehicles?” We only have to consider for a moment the vast number of civil wars we have had in our violent history and the number of civil conflicts still raging today. Wars do not happen because of enemy countries. Enemy countries are created so that we can have wars. Societies within countries are divided for the creation of civil wars.

We cannot silence an orchestra forever by telling them not to play. We may stop the music temporarily, but later, the music will play again. If we wish the music to stop and never recur, we must remove and destroy the instruments, stop their manufacturing and stop teaching people how to play them. It’s common sense.

Alberto Portugheis
HUFUD President

Addendum: Also ask yourselves, after 75 years of United Nations,

1 – …how come their agency for education UNESCO, has produced so many illiterate people and standards of education worldwide have deteriorated?
2 – …why does the High Commission for Human Rights happily oversee Human Rights abuses the world over, and offers rewards to Human Rights abusers?
3 – …how come the UN High Commission for Refugees, or Refugee Agency, to give it its commercial name, has produced 60 million refugees?
4 – …why the UN Food Agency has not eliminated hunger. On the contrary, more people die from starvation today than when the FAO was formed many decades ago?

And I shall not comment on the World Health Organisation (WHO), the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, because my blood will start to boil!