This is plain proof all peace organisations in history have failed. With all respect to their efforts, I have to admit, by not demanding the abolition of militarism, they have all been wasting their time. Since my days in Geneva, Switzerland, witnessing what my contacts at the United Nations were doing, I have been saying for over 60 years now: as music instruments are for making music, war instruments are made for making war.

Armed forces for peace is as absurd a concept as orchestras for deaf people or cinema for the blind. As senseless as air-conditioning for Eskimos and central heating for tropical countries.

Read with great attention what the ‘Think Tank of the Year’ has organised ( With armed forces, governments have no option, other than finding enemies. At first, enemies are ‘possible’ or ‘imaginary’, then, some of them become real, thanks to diplomatic negotiations, secret agents, and the partnering Media. With the need to promote military sales, governments have no option but to organise and promote military conflict, wherever. They’ll use religions, territory, ethnicity, patriotism, natural resources, as triggers. This is the reality since the end of the last World War, nearly 76 years ago.

The universal abolition of militarism is the only path to universal peace.

Alberto Portugheis
HUFUD President