Aga Khan is a politician, but above all a diplomat and businessman.

He is not opposed to wars and killing. He personally owns two fighter jets. Governments work with religious leaders because they are tacit partners in the War Industry. In the UK, one of the main investors in General Electric’s military department is the Church of England.

Argentina is officially a secular country but the Foreign Office is called Ministry of Foreign Relations and Faith. One of the most powerful political leaders on the planet is the Pope.

The Head of the Church of England is not really the Archbishop of Canterbury, but Queen Elizabeth ll. The Archbishop is chosen by the Church Commission, which is formed mainly by members of the House of Lords.

Like all businessmen, Aga Khan promotes the idea of a two-state solution. Instead of asking for Jews and Muslims to live together, he is really asking for a proper war between Jews and Muslims, something very easy to organise once Palestine has proper Armed Forces.

With regards to the enmity, Jews have suffered much more under the Christians. Their enmity is much older than the conflict between Judaism and Islam. It started in the third century, when the Papacy moved from Avignon (France) to Rome. They knew Romans had crucified Jesus, but negotiated with them: “you give us a big chunk of Rome and instead of revealing the truth, we’ll accuse Jews of having killed God’s messenger.

That was the onset of anti-Judaism. The escaping of Jews to the Americas is all due to Christian persecutions. Progroms (Slavic word), or persecution of Jews and ghettos started in Russia, ordered by the Catholic Orthodox Church. Later they spread into Roman Catholic Poland and Lithuania.

The enmity between Islam and Judaism is a political and War Industry initiative. For instance, Iran – at the United Nations –  agreed to play Israel’s enemy, even declaring they’ll wipe the country out from the planet. But, in Iran, there are 15 synagogues (Jews live in Iran since about 6 centuries before the Zoroastrian country adopted Islam). You can find Jewish lecturers at Teheran University. Look at former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad receiving a large number of Jewish rabbis in his office: