On 29 and 30 April 2022, the director of HUFUD Africa, Bruno Kasenge, organised a preliminary launch of a HUFUD campaign in Kampala, Central Uganda at the Orchid Red Basket Venue Garden and Nob View Hotel respectively.

Both conferences attracted an audience turn-up that included youths aged between 18–30, social activists from various humanitarian NGOs and people in the media.

The message “living in a non-militerised planet”, which HUFUD advocates for, excited and interested practically all attendees and they pledged to support HUFUD’s campaign to reach all borders of Uganda and beyond; to see peace prevail in war torn areas of Northern and South Western Uganda, Eastern Democratic Congo and South Sudan. Each member pledged to pass on the information to at least five other people, that way, the membership will grow before the official launch date of the rally.

The director of HUFUD Africa calls for support in funds in order to reach the minimum financial requirements of launching HUFUD operations in Uganda and East Africa officially. Donations will go towards booking venues, conference logistics, printing banners and technology costs of running social media and radio campaigns.