True to its name, Humanity United For Universal Demilitarisation, our message remains constant, year after year: we must achieve what we propose: live in a NON-MILITARISED planet. Let us all work together towards finding, creating alternative work for the millions of employees in military factories. They also want to live in a peaceful world, but at the moment make a living by producing killing toys, from minute bullets to large warships, We are calling upon all humanity to work together for a world free of war through the transformation of the war economy into a peace economy, through the permanent abolition of Armed Forces, UNIVERSALLY.

HUFUD is a member organisation of the International Peace Bureau and the Network for Peace.


On 29 and 30 April 2022, the director of HUFUD Africa, Bruno Kasenge, organised a preliminary launch of a HUFUD campaign in Kampala, Central Uganda at the Orchid Red Basket Venue Garden and Nob View Hotel respectively.

Both conferences attracted an audience turn-up that included youths aged between 18–30, social activists from various humanitarian NGOs and people in the media.

The message “living in a non-militerised planet”, which HUFUD advocates for, excited and interested practically all attendees and they pledged to support HUFUD’s campaign to reach all borders of Uganda and beyond; to see peace prevail in war torn areas of Northern and South Western Uganda, Eastern Democratic Congo and South Sudan. Each member pledged to pass on the information to at least five other people, that way, the membership will grow before the official launch date of the rally.

The director of HUFUD Africa calls for support in funds in order to reach the minimum financial requirements of launching HUFUD operations in Uganda and East Africa officially. Donations will go towards booking venues, conference logistics, printing banners and technology costs of running social media and radio campaigns.



24 September 2022: Peace Conference

Harrogate Quaker Meeting House and HUFUD (Humanity United for Universal Demilitarisation) join forces to present an all-day Peace Conference: lectures, speeches, videos, photographs and debates that will show the way to a world without wars.

Date/Time 24 September, 10am to 6pm
Location Friends Meeting House, 12A Queen Parade, Harrogate HG1 5PP


9am Registration and welcome coffee/tea
10am Presentation I
11:30am coffee/tea break
11:45 Presentation II
1pm Lunch break
2pm Presentation III
3:30pm tea/coffee break
4:00pm Presentation IV and debate
5:15pm Refreshements (offered by HUFUD) and Networking
6pm  30 minute Peace Concert

‘Peace is Possible’ Conference 2019

We are tremendously grateful for all participants at the HUFUD Peace is Possible Conference which took place on 17 June 2019. If you would like to be notified about future activities, please subscribe to the HUFUD Newsletter below. We look forward to your joining us next time.

Watch Now: Peace is Possible

Dear HUFUD followers and all those keen on preventing the arms trade and their accomplices in Government from killing innocent people and from leading us into Round 3 of Olympic War Games, i.e. World War, please watch our 27 minute documentary ‘Peace is Possible’.

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Your donation will help us run workshops, lectures, rallies and outreach activities—disseminating our ideology to the world, in many languages—to promote PEACE, through EDUCATION, COMMUNITY BUILDING, and COOPERATING with other peace, anti-war and Human Rights organisations and individuals.
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Martha Argerich

Martha Argerich

Hon. President

Alberto Portugheis

Alberto Portugheis

Founder and President

Angelo Cardona

Angelo Cardona


Bruno Kasenge

Bruno Kasenge

Director of HUFUD Africa


HUFUD was founded by Alberto Portugheis, to promote World Peace through Universal Demilitarisation. We are seeking peace practitioners, peace professors, public officials, Peace Studies students and Peace journalists, to cooperate with us, to transform our network into a strong voice and force. Contact us at